What Is A Gloss Enhancement Polish?

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

In short, a gloss enhancement is exactly what it sounds like. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s much more than that! Technically speaking, gloss enhancement falls under the umbrella of paint correction. At SpeeDetail, we don’t use the two terms interchangeably because we can set unrealistic expectations by doing so. While a gloss enhancement and paint correction both remove defects from your paint, a gloss enhancement is much quicker and not as tedious as a full-blown paint correction. This is why we group the Gloss Enhancement service with our other car detailing services and not Paint Correction. You can expect an enhancement service to remove 50-75% of the defects and greatly improve the severe defects. A gloss enhancement service is a great way to make your car look absolutely amazing again without blowing the monthly budget.

So, how do we perform a gloss enhancement? Like any paint correction service, defects are removed with a machine polisher or “buffer.” These defects can include scratches, car wash swirl marks, scuffs and paint transfer from other objects. The most important thing to note with any defect removal, or car detailing service in general, is that perfection is unattainable. Multi-stage corrections can reach 95-98% removal, but that last 2% takes as long, or longer than the first 98%. The average eye will not notice that remaining 2%. When opting for an enhancement service, by no means are you paying for perfection.

Like most of our mobile car detailing services, paint prep is critical, especially before putting the polisher to the paint. If the car isn’t thoroughly washed and decontaminated, we will just create additional defects when its time to polish. After the prep is done and the polish and polishing pads are chosen, we begin the process. It is important to polish in 2x2 sections of the car to ensure we’re covering each area thoroughly. We do 4-5 passes in each section and move on to the next area of the vehicle. Once the entire car has been enhanced, we need to remove any polish residue so that we can accurately check our work and so that the protection we apply can bond to the paint. We use what’s called a paint prep to remove these oils and residues. This will give us the surgically clean surface we need to apply our protection. We recommend a ceramic coating after any defect removal service. There’s no point in removing the scratches and swirls if we’re not going to lock in the results!

In summary, our Gloss Enhancement detail is a budget-friendly option that will make your car look new again and separate it from most other vehicles on the road. To many people, there’s no difference between a shiny car from the automatic wash or a shiny car that has been completely polished. Let us tell you, there is a massive difference that you may not appreciate until you experience it for yourself. Not to mention the benefits we’ve already discussed.

We hope you found this piece helpful and informative. If you need further info on our Gloss Enhancement service or maintaining your paint in general, please contact us!

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