What Is A Full Detail And How Much Does It Cost?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The term "detail" alone means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Even just within the car detailing industry. Now add the word "full" to that term. What is a full detail? Some call this a complete detail. We don't like that one either. In any industry, there are terms used that unintentionally create confusion when trying to meet expectations. In the world of car detailing, full detail is the one.

We see this service offering almost everyday by many different detailers. Whenever I see it, I check out what's included. Every single time, the service includes or exclude something different from the last detailer. Please don't think we're putting anyone down, we're certainly not. There are great detailers that include a full detail in their services. But, it does create confusion and a disconnect between detailer and client.

Without reading any descriptions, what do you think should be included in a full detail? Obviously, interior and exterior. But to what extent is each area being cleaned? Does the interior get carpet shampoo, or is that extra? Do the inner wheel barrels get cleaned or just the wheel faces? We haven't even touched on engine bay detailing or headlight restoration. Is all of that really included? Likely not. There are simply too many variables for our liking to offer a "full detail." For example, we have 3 different exterior detailing services, each of which provides a different level of service. Which one should be included in a full detail? This doesn't even include our ceramic coating options. You see the point.

This is only the personal preference of SpeeDetail. It doesn't mean you won't receive a great service from a full or complete detail. But, we urge you to express your needs and expectations up front and confirm with the detailer that they will or will not be met. At SpeeDetail, we want the customer to feel like they received more than they paid for, both in the detail itself and the overall experience of doing business with us. We try to make a habit of specifying what's not included in our car detailing services as much as we explain what is included. This allows you, our client, to determine exactly which services do and don't fit your needs.

In closing, I hope this was a quick, easy read that gave you a better idea of how to find the right fit to address your car detailing needs. Depending on the service you require, car detailing can get expensive and buyer's remorse is no fun for anyone.

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