The Importance of Interior Coatings

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A lot of clients are thrown off when we tell them we can ceramic coat their interiors. That’s right, coatings aren’t just for paint! We put this piece together to help you better understand the benefits of what we can do for your vehicle. At SpeeDetail, we can ceramic coat your dash, leather, vinyl, plastic and carpet on the inside of your car. That leaves only one question… Why?

Maintaining your interior is all about protection. It’s constantly being sat in and stepped on and many people eat and drink in the cars as well. Dirt, food and liquids have a harder time sticking to protected surfaces because they can’t be absorbed as easily with the coating applied. But there’s one unavoidable reason we haven’t mentioned yet. The Sun. Just as people get sun burn from too much exposure, your interior gets damaged the same way. UV light will damage anything that it is in constant contact with. Ceramic coatings naturally block harmful UV rays from the surface they are applied to.

The biggest benefit of true interior coatings is how easy they are to clean and maintain. As with ceramic paint coatings, we compare interior coatings to the non-stick frying pan. Think of the protective layer that makes the pan easier to clean after cooking dinner. The same concept applies to ceramic coatings. Any mess that is left behind will be on the coating and not the interior surface. Simply wipe it away and move on. Check out the video below where we demonstrate the difference between a protected and unprotected fabric seat.

There are products you can buy at your local box store or parts store that protect your interior. They get the job done, but you shouldn’t go in expecting long-term protection. You will need to re-apply these products at least every 3 months, probably sooner in most cases. True coatings offer you unmatched durability that you can count on.

For more information on interior coatings, feel free to reach out to us here at SpeeDetail. You can also reach us at any of our social platforms or by email. We love keeping you up to date on how to better maintain your vehicle.

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