Plastic Trim Restoration: Does It Work?

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

It doesn’t take long to become overwhelmed with the amount of plastic “restoration” products on the market. Now, we usually don’t bash products, we just recommend something different. Let me tell you, these “restoration” products do not work! We have tried nearly everything out there and there is only one product we will use and recommend. This product is called Solution Finish. If you go with something else, expect to feel let down and like you wasted your money.

Plastic becomes ugly and dried out from constant exposure to the sun. What these other products do is temporarily re-hydrate your plastic trim. You will fight a constant uphill battle of reapplication. The plastics will look good at first, only to let you down rather quickly. They don’t last in good weather conditions and when it rains, your trim looks worse than it did before you applied the product. After that first rain, your trim will have streaks and drip marks and can may become permanently stained like this.

The biggest no-no of all the plastic restoration methods is heat. Many detailers will recommend using a heat gun or torch to restore plastic trim. There’s scientific evidence of why this is ineffective and very harmful, but I personally don’t know the ins and outs of why. What I do know is based on experience. We have tried heat on various (non-client) plastic surfaces. It appears to do a great job at first. But, every single time we experimented with this, the plastic became damaged beyond repair in the end. As you all know, our goal is always to protect your vehicles from damage, so this was an obvious “no” for us.

As mentioned above, Solution Finish is the only product we will use on yours, ours or anyone’s black plastic trim pieces. Check out this quick capture comparing faded plastic and plastic restored with Solution Finish. What a night and day difference! Something else we recommend after applying Solution Finish, is ceramic coating over it once its dried. This will ensure permanent restoration and protection.

We love to help others through detailing. It is literally our reason for being in business! If you have any questions about car care or protection, we’d love to help!

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