Why Your Car Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat...

Updated: Nov 8

No way, right?!

Most people don’t think of the inside of their car as a health risk. We’re not most people when it comes to car detailing, as we clean them for a living. We’ve seen it all. You’re probably thinking “I would never let my car look like that.” While cars that are filled with trash, food and stains are obviously contaminated, it’s the average, somewhat maintained cars we’re focused on here. The people who clean out their trash and refuse to eat food in the car are just as much at risk.

Even if you take the obvious precautions, are you cleaning your steering wheel, door handles, gear shifter, etc… regularly? Like once a week regularly? If so, are you cleaning them properly? Probably not. In a recent study by Netquote, it was discovered that these areas, along with seatbelts, had more germs than a toilet seat! Let’s say you wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer. You’re still bringing bacteria into your car and even your home by way of your shoes and clothes.

So how does this happen? No matter the measures you take, its impossible to eliminate germs from your vehicle completely. But, you can dramatically reduce the volume, making yourself and your family less likely to get sick. Have you ever used a public restroom? I’m sure you have and now there’s urine and possibly fecal matter in your car’s carpet. Has your child ever stepped in dog poop? Has your dog ever rolled around it? You can probably answer “yes” to these as well. Every time a male uses a public restroom, he steps in urine on the floor. This is then brought back into the car and transferred to the carpet. Every time you touch money or a gas pump, those germs are transferred to the inside of your car. The list goes on and on. We’re not trying to incite fear here. We just want to bring attention to the fact that your car is one of the dirtiest spaces you inhabit, but is rarely thought of that way.

How do I control it? You know we have to talk about maintenance here. Maintaining your vehicle regularly is one of the most beneficial things you can do for you and your family’s health. I highly recommend professional maintenance detailing once a month and maintaining on your own at least once a week. When we clean your car interior, we use steam, all-purpose cleaners and anti-microbial cleaners that continue to be effective after they are applied. When you clean your car, we recommend at minimum, wiping down the hotspots we mentioned with a disinfecting cleaner. If you are unsure if the product is safe for a particular surface, try it on an inconspicuous test spot first.

If you are unsure on proper cleaning methods or would like more information on our maintenance detailing process, please feel free to reach out to us. You can always reach us through our Facebook page or by phone or email.

As always, thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon!