Is Ceramic Coating a Waste of Money?

Updated: Mar 11

Understandably, many people are intimidated by the upfront cost of a protective paint coating. The truth is, ceramic coatings are the most cost-effective protection on the market. Adversely, wax is the most expensive because it needs to be applied much more frequently. Wax will either cost you a lot of money or a lot of time. Waxes and sealants last around 3 months, at most. Considering they cost around $150 on average to apply, you're looking at a minimum of $600 for a year of maintaining your paint. Of course, you could always choose to neglect your vehicle's paint entirely.

At SpeeDetail, our average ceramic coating job ranges between $700-$1400, depending on vehicle size and the options you choose. That is for our 5-year paint coating. Our 1-year will only cost you between $349-$499, which is cheaper than a year of wax. A majority of the cost of coating jobs comes from the preparation required to properly install the coating. This is just a quick price comparison. In every aspect of performance, a ceramic paint coating will always be superior to waxes and sealants.

Paint correction, or our paint enhancement polish, is responsible for the bulk of the cost of a coating. You're paying an expert to make your paint look amazing before installing a durable, long-term protection. This isn't work you should just trust anyone to do. Permanent damage can be caused to your vehicle's paint system if the detailer doesn't have the needed experience to do the job right.

We have established ourselves in our industry by becoming certified with the IDA and being certified by multiple ceramic companies to install their coatings. These include but are not limited to: IGL, Gyeon and Undrdog. We have performed hundreds of ceramic coating installs and continue to sharpen our skills and stay on top of certifications.

If you'd like to learn more about ceramic coatings and the process here at SpeeDetail, you can do so here.

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this write-up helpful!

Eric McKeown


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