Is A Ceramic Coating Worth It In 2022?

With the volume of ceramic coating inquiries we receive, it’s not surprising that not everyone is 100% sold on the claims of a ceramic coating right off the bat. There are a few reasons for this. One, “ceramic” has become such a buzz word, used by companies making outrageous claims just to sell products. We don’t do business with those suppliers. Another reason is an honest lack of education on ceramic coatings. If you’re not a detailer, we don’t expect you to know the ins and outs of ceramic coatings! This is why we take as much time as possible with each potential coating client, to ensure they are educated about a buying decision and not pressured into one.

Over the years, the variety of car waxes has become abundant and the ease of application has become extremely simple. This is common knowledge, even for someone who knows nothing about auto detailing. This has made wax a commodity that anyone can offer. Most wax jobs in our area will run you about $125. On an average vehicle, we can wash and wax a car in about 35 minutes. This all seems great, especially if you use a mobile detailer and don’t even need to leave your driveway. When not on sale, our 5-year ceramic coating on the same sized vehicle will run you $700. To someone who is unfamiliar with ceramic paint coatings, this seems extremely steep and possibly even crazy that someone would pay that. Let’s compare…

Wax costs $125, but only performs well for 2 months (this is very generous, it’s usually gone within 3 weeks). If you stay on your vehicle maintenance, it will cost you a minimum of $750 to have someone wax your vehicle every other month, for a year. We already showed you a 5-year coating will cost $700. This is an up-front cost, but it lasts 5 years. To wax your car that long will cost about $3750! Say you went with a 1-year ceramic coating… Here at SpeeDetail, that same car would only cost $399, just 53% of the price of wax. In conclusion, ceramic coatings do have a higher cost to get started, but will save you a ton of money over the life of the coating.

We compared costs of car wax and ceramic coating applications, but what about durability? While wax performs well when first applied, it’s still no match for a ceramic coating for your car. Wax sits on top of your paint. Seems simple, where else is it going to sit? Well, a ceramic coating actually forms a hardened, chemical bond with your car’s clear coat. Wax goes on very easy, which is also why it comes off very easy. When applied correctly, a ceramic coating needs to be machine polished and sometimes even sanded off to be effectively removed from the paint.

What about performance? When it comes to resisting bird bombs, bugs, road tar and road paint, wax is no match for a ceramic coating. These things will still occasionally stick to your coating. However, when it’s time to clean, they will come off effortlessly. With most waxes, some scrubbing is still required. This scrubbing also begins removing the wax from the paint because it’s just sitting on top. Each time you wash your coated vehicle, it will look how it did when the coating was first applied. All you have to do is wash and dry. When you wash a waxed vehicle, the wax is gone and must be re-applied each and every time.

I could go on for days about the differences between waxes and ceramic coatings. I think I’ve made it clear which one I trust more and which one I always recommend to our clients who really love their vehicles. Coatings are a little more up-front, but you will thank yourself 10 times over in the long run. Ceramic coatings look better, they perform better and over the life of the coating, they are much cheaper than wax. Check out some of our Google reviews to see our clients' opinions of ceramic coatings.

Thanks for reading! See you on the next one.

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