"How Much Does A Car Detail Cost?"

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The most loaded question in the car detailing industry...

Let’s counter this question with another question. How much time do you have? Not for a car detail, but for us to address this seemingly easy question, that is anything but to answer. So, this post won’t be that long, but it will be very clear that there are many variables involved to answer this loaded question.

When a potential client asks us “How much for a detail?”, a dozen counter-questions instantly come to mind to get an accurate idea of the client’s needs. Vehicle size and condition are the two biggest variables when it comes to accurately quoting car detailing services. Of course, the level of service desired also heavily affects the price point. At SpeeDetail, we have a system specifically for finding your needs and not selling you something you don't want or need. We’ll talk about some of the obvious questions we ask to meet your budget and expectations to the best of our ability.

What is the year, make and model of the vehicle?

This is obviously necessary to even get in the ballpark of providing an accurate quote. Even in great condition, a two-seater car is going to cost less than a full-size pickup truck that needs the same service. The year of the vehicle isn’t as important because the condition of the vehicle is more affected by the care it has received and less by its age.

When is the last time the vehicle was professionally detailed?

While the term “professional detail” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, this question is necessary to get an idea of how long ago the car was detailed and what level of care it received. If you’re unsure if it was “professional” or not, just providing the time frame of the last detail and where you received service is sufficient. Unfortunately, quality car detailing isn't always a given.

How long will you own your vehicle?

This question is important because it can help us decide which services are a good fit for you. If you lease your vehicle and plan on trading it in next year, there is no point in installing a long-term ceramic coating. This is a significant waste of money for any potential client and is honestly just bad business, unless the client is dead set on that service. Check out our 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Ceramic Coating.

How do you currently maintain the vehicle and how often?

At SpeeDetail, we ask this question for a couple reasons. The first being that we need to know if we’re dealing with a car that hasn’t been vacuumed in months, or if you’re someone who makes a habit of wiping down the interior surfaces on a weekly basis. The second reason we ask this question is because it gives us a gauge of how seriously you take vehicle maintenance.

To be blunt, our services are based around helping people maintain and improve the value of their value, not cleaning up vehicles that have been blatantly neglected for years. Are you interested in the true value of properly maintaining your vehicle, or are you simply interested in having a messy car cleaned up. Either is fine, but the latter will usually cost significantly more.

The infamous “Any kid’s mess or pet hair?”

We say infamous because this is the one that potential clients tend to shy away from the most. I think they believe their answer may price the service out of their budget. That’s not always true though. These messes are no different than any other but are sometimes in excess. Either way, our car detailing prices are based on the time and work it will take, not the type of mess.

These are the most common car detailing questions you'll be asked when doing business with SpeeDetail. This helps us provide an accurate quote for service. Some of the answers may lead to other questions, but this will get us started. We complete a comprehensive vehicle inspection on every vehicle we see, so these questions aren’t the final factor. But they do provide us with a solid understanding of what we’re working with.

Want to know how much our services will be for your vehicle? Check out our car detailing services and our ceramic coating services to see our starting prices and then ask yourself the questions in this write-up to help determine if that price will increase. This will save you some time and hassle when reaching out to us and other detailers for a quote.

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a better understanding of why “How much for a detail?” isn’t always so simple to answer. The best way to stay up to date is to check back here regularly and follow us at the social media links below.


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