Gloss Enhancement Specialists

What is 'Gloss Enhancement' And What Makes Us Specialists?

Dodge Challenger that received our Swirl Reducer + Gloss Enhancement Detail

What is Gloss Enhancement?

To be honest, its a term we came up with on our own to quickly and easily explain the service to inquiring customers. We could have chosen dozens of other names coined by the detail industry, but we would be doing you an injustice by using a language only a few people speak.

Gloss enhancement within our service lineup consists of meticulously and thoroughly cleaning the entire exterior surface of the vehicle. We start with a hand wash to clean the noticeable dirt on your car. Next we follow with a decontamination wash that takes the cleaning a step further. This step helps break loose dirt, debris and brake dust that has actually embedded itself into your car's clear coat. This happens when regular maintenance is not followed. After the decontamination wash, we use what is called a clay bar to pull more stubborn contamination from the clear coat that the wash couldn't remove. We give one final wash to ensure all loose debris is removed from the surface to prevent scratching the paint.

This is all preparation for the meat of the service and where the results are made. Using a machine polisher, we do one step of paint correction or 'gloss enhancement' to mechanically remove light surface scratches and swirl marks, usually caused by poor washing techniques or automatic car washes. By removing scratches and swirls, we are leveling the surface of the clear coat of paint, resulting in more shine and reflection. We follow this up with a long-lasting protective sealant to lock in the results of our hard work. The sealant itself has reflective properties, further enhancing the gloss and shine.

What Makes Us Specialists?

Our overall experience and knowledge of products and techniques is an important factor that shouldn't be ignored. However, it is our dedication to providing value to you and putting your satisfaction at the top of our priority list that sets us apart from our competition and makes us specialists. There are plenty of companies that do great work, but we truly believe we offer the best quality and the most value to our customers.

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