Do You Still Have to Wash Your Car After Ceramic Coating?

Not only do we get this question a lot, but it is often times assumed that a vehicle with a ceramic coating doesn't need to be washed or maintained. At least not as much as a car without a protective coating. This is very untrue and will only lead to your ceramic coating failing much sooner than it should have.

When asked the question "What is a Ceramic Coating", we always revert back to the non-stick frying pan. Just like a ceramic paint coating, the non-stick frying pan is designed to make cleaning much easier. However, it still gets dirty and still needs washed. If you never wash it, it becomes nasty and less effective. A ceramic coating for cars responds the same way.

As with most things, education is key and that's what we aim to do here at SpeeDetail Mobile Auto Spa. It makes me smile that almost 90% of our monthly maintenance clients are those who've also received a ceramic coating installation on their vehicles. This furthers the point I'm always driving home- whether you do it or we do it, your vehicle needs to be maintained on a bi-weekly to monthly basis, depending on type and volume of use.

So, what is the best way to maintain a ceramic coating? Coated or not, we recommend the rinse-less wash method. Even if your car is dirty and has never had a protective paint coating. This is the method we use. It's fast and safe on clean vehicles and dirty vehicles and anyone can learn it. Usually taking 30-45 minutes, it's not as fast or as convenient as driving through the automatic car wash, but it also won't leave your ride only half-clean or destroy your paint. As easy as the rinse-less wash method is, you can completely skip the waxing step on a coated vehicle! It gets no easier than that.

I've included a photo below of a beautiful truck that received our Signature Elite Coating back in September. The truck joined our monthly maintenance program in January and just received it's first wash on the plan. We didn't apply wax or any other last step product, just a hand wash. Check it out:

The outside of this truck took us about 45 minutes, wheels included. So in roughly an hour or less, your ride can look beautiful with the ease of the rinse-less wash method. Even if you don't have a ceramic coating on your car, you'll be waxing as you wash for amazing gloss and shine.

If you don't have the time or the means, or would just like to have a professional do it, we have monthly maintenance options available at

That's all I have to cover on this topic for now. Remember, whether you do it or we do it, your vehicle needs maintained regularly, ceramic coating or not. Look at a detailing as a maintenance and not a luxury and your ride will stay in great shape. It is often our second biggest purchase, so why not give it the best possible care?

As always, reach out with any questions. We love to educate those willing to learn and we always reply. Reach out via any of the methods below. Talk to you soon.

Eric McKeown


Instagram: @speedetailoh

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