Ceramic Coatings: You're Being Lied To!

Every industry has fake hype and buzzwords they use to sell products or services. The detailing industry, both services and products, as well as automatic car washes, currently use the word ceramic as their hot button. True ceramic coatings are great! The problem is, our market has become flooded with “ceramic car coatings” that don’t quite live up to expectations. To be more direct, you’re being lied to.

While the automatic car wash may have great marketing, colored soap and a light show, they are in fact selling a glorified wax, hoping you won’t know the difference. A true protective coating forms a hardened barrier between your paint and the elements. How could a car wash or even a spray product that never touches your paint achieve something like that? They can’t. These products never last more than a month or so.

If you’re looking for durable protection that gives you a “showroom shine”, the $19.99 special from the tunnel wash up the street isn’t the answer. If you want acidic cleaners, dirty brushes and cheap chemicals that always leave you wanting more, then they are the go-to. With these washes and even with the “guy up the street” that said he’d do it for $40, you’re going to get missed areas, water spots and very little shine at all. Not to mention swirl marks in the paint. You have to remember, the goal of the car wash is to keep you coming back on a weekly basis. This is why you will never receive true, long-term protection from them.

You see, to properly apply a protective coating takes hours just on the preparation process alone. Applying the coating is actually quick and easy. But, to get desired results that last requires multiple phases of skilled labor. This includes 2 stages of paint decontamination, machine polishing (buffing) the paint to make it shiny and smooth, and properly removing all oils and residues from each product that was used. Then and only then, is it safe to apply a coating and expect it to form a hardened bond over your paint.

To sum it up, don’t fool yourself into thinking there is a cheap or easy way to obtain the benefits of a true paint coating. You will always be left disappointed and wanting more.

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If you enjoy scratches, swirls and water spots on your paint, follow the massive amount of hype in this industry. If you want true protection that provides an amazing finish and easy maintenance, you will need to hire a professional coating installer.

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