Can I Get A Detail In The Winter?

At SpeeDetail, do we detail cars all winter long?


We can detail your vehicle year round, but there are a few restrictions, as we are 100% mobile and typically detail cars outside.

During the colder months (January, February), we may require that you have a garage to perform your detail in. This is mostly because of the lower than normal temperatures.

We use a two-bucket, rinse-less wash in the winter, but with below freezing temperatures, it is sometimes redundant trying to wash a vehicle. We still need to use a few chemicals as well and a lot of them aren't effective in such temperatures.

Another downside is that if we complete your detail in your garage, your garage floor will inevitably get wet and also get some chemical residue and dirt on it, mostly from cleaning your wheels. We will never leave our mess behind, but this is a matter of personal preference to each individual client.

Due to these hurdles and the overall safety of your car's exterior, we typically only perform exterior details in temperatures above 35 degrees.

Interior details are still a go!

As long as temperatures are above freezing and its not snowing or raining, we can detail your car's interior outside. If we have access to your garage and the temperature inside remains above freezing, we can still complete your interior detail as well.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding winter detailing, please contact us!


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