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Mobile Detailing in Hamilton, OH & Surrounding Areas

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Mobile Car Wash Hamilton, Ohio

Tired of running to the car wash on your lunch break? What about sitting in line at the car wash after a long day at work? With our convenient, Express Mobile Car Wash, you don't even have to wash and wax your ride on your day off!

We will come directly to you at your home or workplace to get you and your neighbors or co-workers rides looking right. You don't even have to leave your home or office to pay us. We've maximized the convenience across the board by making every step of the process digital, if you prefer.

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Mobile auto detailing Hamilton, OH

Save Big on our Mobile Wash & Wax


• Select a date that works for you at home or the office

• Share the date with your neighbors or co-workers

• The organizer (that's you!) receives $10.00 off for the 3rd vehicle and each one after.


2 vehicle minimum for this service.






Express Wash & Wax

Recommended Monthly


Our staple wash and wax service will clean your ride and make your paint glow! We come to you at home or work!

2 vehicle minimum

• Exterior only

• We come to you!

• Gentle hand wash and wax application

• Wheel faces cleaned

• Tires shined

• Upgrade to 6-month sealant +$49



Express Detail

Recommended Monthly


Maintenance-level interior and exterior cleanup. We come to you at home or work!

2 vehicle minimum

• We come to you!

• Interior surface wipe down

• Interior vacuum

• All glass cleaned

Includes Express Wash & Wax

• Upgrade to 6-month sealant +$49

Excessively dirty interiors not eligible



Our Express Mobile Wash & Wax is a fan favorite for value, convenience and visual appeal. We guarantee a clean, shiny and protected ride when we're finished. No dirty water spots or visible wax left on the paint or trim.

Does your car interior need a quick touch up? We've got you covered! Just let us know which service you need when scheduling your appointment.

*Please note* We need access to an electric hookup for all interior work. If scheduling at your workplace, please check with your employer ahead of time to ensure we have permission to connect to their outlet.


Rated 5 Stars by our clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you wash your car?

We recommend hand washing once per week if you can, but washing your car every 2 weeks is a great way to keep the paint looking great.

Is it better to hand wash your car?

Absolutely! Tunnel car washes (with or without brushes) will ruin the finish of your car's paint with regular use. The potential for serious damage is present each time you use a machine car wash.

Does a hand car wash scratch your paint?

If you're not safely and properly washing your car, even a hand wash will leave scratch and swirl marks in your paint. We highly recommend the 2-bucket wash method.

Will washing my car remove the wax?

This depends on a few things. What are you using to wash the car? Are you using a quality wax? How long has the wax been on the car? If you don't have a ceramic coating on your car, we recommend waxing every time you wash.

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SpeeDetail Mobile Auto Detailing are licensed and certified auto detailing experts.

Through years of experience and professional detailing products, it is our goal to bring you the most value in all that we offer.

We proudly offer our mobile detailing services in:

• Trenton, OH

• Hamilton, OH

• Fairfield, OH

• Middletown, OH

• Monroe, OH

• West Chester, OH

• Liberty Township, OH

• Mason, OH

• Lebanon, OH

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