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Our 'Why'

   My name is Eric McKeown and I’m 35 years old. My wife Sarah and I have been together 11 years and have 4 daughters together. As most of you can relate, there’s never enough time in the day for family, friends or to do what you truly enjoy.

   When I was 26 years old, I was diagnosed with Type 1 (genetic) diabetes. Not a death sentence, but it certainly felt like the “timer” on my life started ticking faster. Already feeling like I didn’t have enough time, I stressed and worried about my life more than ever before.

   It had always bothered me that I felt like none of my previous jobs ever carried any meaning or value. As I got older, I realized that other people had felt the same way about their time. There either wasn’t enough of it, or what they were spending it on things that didn’t hold much value to them.

   A few years ago, we decided to start SpeeDetail. This would allow us to have more flexibility in our lives, as well as a little bit more time as a family. But that’s not the only reason we started this.


   Our entire business model is founded on providing convenience and saving valuable time for our clients. Everything we do revolves around you receiving a quality service and a personal experience without it costing you time you don’t have or time you don’t want to spend on your vehicle. Your time is precious and no one can relate to that like we can.

   Of course we’re in business to make money. But it goes much deeper than that. Sure, we can make a car shiny, but that’s not where our value lies. The value we provide is giving you the feeling of a new car and the peace of mind of a protected investment without you losing an entire weekend every month. We want you to feel like you bought more than a service when we hand your keys back.

   Our goal is to help people. Not only the ones we do business with, but their communities as well. We have already begun expanding on this and will continue these efforts. We love supporting other small businesses in the communities we work in. We will also be incorporating things like food drives and donations for those in need. Every time you spend money with us, you will be helping others as well.

   That is our “why.” Why we do what we do and why it is important. I’m sure many of you can relate and we’d love to hear your story! I hope this reached you in a positive way and gave you a sense of who we are. Detailing is just one of many hats we wear on a daily basis. It is simply our gateway to doing more powerful things to help people.

SpeeDetail Mobile Auto Detailing are licensed and certified car detailing experts.

Through years of experience and professional products, it is our goal to bring you the most value in all that we offer.

We are based out of Trenton, OH but proudly serve all of Butler & Warren Counties.

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