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exterior DETAILING

clean, shine, protect

At SpeeDetail, we offer a variety of exterior detailing services, from regular maintenance to scratch and swirl mark removal. Our focus is protection and making your paint look like new is a professional, time-consuming process. We understand that each person and each car is different, that's why we only use the highest quality tools and products on each and every job we do.

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signature exterior

Protection: 6 months

Job: 2-3 Hours

The perfect detail to keep your vehicle shiny and protected. However, any existing scratches or swirls cannot be corrected with this service.

We start with a scratch-free hand wash, using fresh mitts and towels.

The paint surface is then treated with a decontamination wash and clay bar to remove any remaining contaminants.

A ceramic spray sealant is applied to lock in gloss and shine for 6 months, making future maintenance fast and easy.

Starting Price:

Cars $149Mid-size $169Full Size $199


want even more protection?

Check out our Ceramic Coating options for ultimate paint protection.

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gloss enhancement

Protection: 6 months

Job: 4-6 Hours

This service will remove surface defects like swirl marks and takes your paint to the next level, making it more visually appealing.


We start with our gentle hand wash and decontamination wash, followed by a clay bar treatment to remove any remaining contaminants.

A polish is then used to remove 80-85% of surface defects, giving your paint brilliant gloss and depth.

The improved finish is then locked in with our 6 month ceramic sealant.

Starting Price:

Cars $299Mid-size $349 | Full Size $399

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